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Missie Ethiopië

There are still a few days before our departure to Adigrat for SEE and SMILE ‘S humanitarian mission (10-09-16 till 24-09-16)

This mission is only possible with the initiative, help and great motivation of the Belgian team; Rishan Kahsay- honorary President from “vzw Ethiopia: ikwilleven “and Yohannes Abraha – Minister Counsellor, Public Diplomacy & Political affairs, Ethiopian Embassy Brussels;
and the Ethiopia team; Tigray Regional State Health Bureau and the Tigray Development Association

A memorandum of understanding is maid for improving access and quality of healthcare in Tigray region’s selected hospitals via technical and material support.

We will perform ophthalmic consultations, cataract and glaucoma operations,

dental consultations and care services including dental health education and dental extractions. These services are delivered to those patients in need at the Adigrat Hospital. and other Hospitals in the region.

In addition, SEE and SMILE with their overseas technical, medical equipment and medical supplies will also provide onsite training for health professionals, alongside contributing to the education of local students in Adigrat and other Hospitals of the region.

You can follow us during the mission at Facebook: SEEandSMILE

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